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Friday, January 23, 2004
Farewell England!!

Time to say Goodbye! But only for 2 months!
I will sure miss this land and the ppl in it! I look forward to seeing everyone when i come back, i promise to bring chocolate to those who leave a nice comment!!
I'll keep writing in here as much as i can, so keep coming back to see how im doing in Brazil!

Much Love!!

Posted at 9:21 pm by justceci
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Wehey!! Done all my exams!! Dont wanna c maths ever again!!
Now its just packing coz im off to Brazil!!! I am soo gonna miss you all here in england!! But no time for good byes yet! I know i'll still c some of you!
Im off on the 24th of January (saturday) and coming back on the 4th of April!
Well, spk to you all soon!

Posted at 8:40 am by justceci
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FP, GPS and Steve (the band, not u Steve ;-P)

Ok, everyone is asking me about these bands so here you go...

Fiction Plane

One of my favorites at the moment. Their style of rock is unique, i think if you hate pop you'll love this, or even if you like pop you'll like this, lol, if you want to know what i'm talkin about go to their website www.fictionplane.com to the download section, or to www.addictedtofictionplane.com to the multimedia section, or come round and i'll play you the album! It's brilliant! They are on the way of recording their second album, and i've heard some of the material that'll be going on that one and its sounds really good!! (Really good Joe!!). I know Fiction Plane from going to their gigs, and in my opinion, the best live band i know!! One of the things i really like about FP are the lyrics. Oh, lets not forget to mention the guys; frontman Joe (lead vocals, guitar and  bass); Dan (backin vocals, bass and piano); Seton (guitar) and Pete (drums). The guys are really cool and its nice to chat to them a bit before they play...and after. Anyway...go see them play !!!

Grand Prix Saints

Little i know about this band, but i can tell you they have cought my eye. I saw them at the last FP gig i went to, they were a guest band...and they really rock! I love the style of music. Well they havent recorded, or havent released their album yet, so i cant say much more, you can hear samples on their website www.grandprixsaints.com . Oh! They'll be live in London on the 26th, i cant go so go see them for me!! Check details on the website!


This is a Christian band, the best i know!! They're wicked live as well and their songs really rock! The guys in the band are reeeally cool !!! I've only seen them live once and still havent bought their album, but you can hear all their songs on their website www.steverock.com . They're always playin gigs around the country, so if you get a chance go see them too!  


Posted at 3:37 am by justceci
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Music that rocks!!

Albums of the moment

Muse - Abslution (brilliant) http://www.muse.mu/
Fiction Plane - Everything will never be ok (brilliant) http://www.fictionplane.com/
The Strokes - Room on Fire http://www.thestrokes.com/
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits http://www.redhotchilipeppers.com/

Singles of the moment

Offspring - Hit That http://www.offspring.com/              
Blink 182 - Feeling This http://www.blink182.com/home.asp               
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out http://www.franzferdinand.co.uk/

Other Music that rocks at the moment

Feeder www.feederweb.com       
Grand Prix Saints www.grandprixsaints.com

Posted at 7:26 pm by justceci
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Friday, January 16, 2004
Modern Art

This morning i woke up and looked at my unmade bed and decided it was art, and it shouldnt be destroyed!

Posted at 8:41 am by justceci
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Shallow Grave

Just how far would you go for what you want?
Can you trust your friends?
Can your friends trust YOU!?
What's more important, friends (people) or money?
...Think Again!!

If you can get hold of Shallow grave, i think its definately worth watching!!

Posted at 4:39 pm by justceci
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Posted at 10:02 pm by justceci
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Earth View(sooo cool!)

Hey! Its sooo cool!!
you got to have it. Its a program where you can have the earth as your wall paper, but you see it in real time. so you choose a city and whatch the light go on as it gets dark!! Its really cool!! You can get it here  http://www.softpedia.com/public/cat/9/6/9-6-31.shtml
Have a good day!!

Posted at 9:31 pm by justceci
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Im feeling very positive lately, even though im just about to sit some nasty exams!
But hey! Im going to Brazil for 2 months, to the beach!! Who wants more!!?
Im also ver excited about the trip to America, that should be an unforgetable experience.  And after that, im going straight to uni (to do what i have always wanted to to, Performing Arts!!). My life looks like it will take an interesting turn in 2004. I feel like i've grown a lot since last year, and i think this year will be even bigger in terms of my life path!

Posted at 2:50 pm by justceci
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